“Rockets mayhem” fun game

Think about a fun, dynamic, possibly everlasting game? That’s what you and your players are gonna find at Rockets mayhem!

Ball striking, weight of the pass, accuracy, vision, checking surroundings, communication and strategy on the action are some of the contents included in this exciting game.

Check it out!

Split the group into 3 teams regardless of the number of people. In this game there is no direct opposition so it doesn’t make much difference if a team has one player more than another.

Each team plays within its own space that I will not determine because it is up to the coach to be aware of the group’s level they are working with and thus determine the space used.

Every time a player knocks out a cone they run to pick it up and take it into the space of one of the other teams. The first team to clear the cones in their space is the winner.

It is also important to change the teams of position in each round because the middle team ends up suffering more for being the closest to the teams at the ends, being the easiest to “dump” cones.

This game has the potential to last a long time and is usable in groups of any age.

Possible variations/progressions:

  • Set different levels (level 1 is five feet away from the cones, than level 2 is 10 feet, level 3 is 15 feet…)
  • Set different angles for the striking
  • Come dribbling to the striking line and kick the ball on the move
  • Position one player behind the cones line, 5 feet away and if the first strike misses the cone this player can strike it first touch

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