Xavi’s pass and turn drill

In this activity a group of 16 children aged 10 to 12 years was divided into four teams with four players each. Teams are positioned in line with each player occupying a cone. First player will be responsible for starting with a pass for the second who will receive, turn and pass the ball to the third who will do the same. When the ball reaches the fourth player, they must lead to the cone at the end. Once the fourth has done its part and returned to its cone the first player can start the next ball. The first team to have all four balls in the final cone and the team sitting in a row behind each other wins. It is recommended to play at least four rounds, making the children go through each position at least once (first, second, third, fourth).


  • Dribbling instead of passing
  • Different types of passing
  • Increase distance between cones
  • Cones at angles instead of straight
  • (your ideas of progression?)

Coaching points:

  • How important is being able to turn with the ball in the soccer game?
  • What game situation may be being trained in this activity?
  • Which position / function requires being more able to turn with the ball? Which sector of the field requires more spins with the ball?

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