4v2 positive and negative pass

This activity was created with a primary focus on the movement of open players. The lack of support and mobility was identified during my teams’ games and hence the idea for this format came. It was applied to a U-10, U-11 boys and U-12 girls team while I was coaching in the USA with great success.


  • Negative pass – vertical pass back
  • Positive pass – vertical pass forward

The space used was not as large as the video demonstrates. For illustration purposes only and for easy viewing. It was probably somewhere around 25m by 15m.

The video illustrates several different situations according to the approach of the two defenders.

It is possible to identify the rich possibilities of the work by observing the amount of content involved:

  • Lose the marker and attract opposition
  • Free man and third man
  • When to pass, when to drive
  • Manipulate opposition to progress
  • Play with your back to the marker
  • Run into created space
  • When to pass onto feet and when to pass in space
  • Etc…

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