5 seconds to shoot + 1v1

This activity was carried out with a small group of boys who are beginners in the sport, with little developed technique.

The main objective was to develop dribbling and finishing techniques in a fun, dynamic and challenging way, as well as rich in content.

In the first moment the player has 5 seconds to score a goal, being able to drive as close as he wants to the opposite goal. If you score that goal, you get 1 point.

In the second moment, a defender is added and then the 1 v 1 begins. The goal scored at this duel is worth 3 points to value success in a more challenging moment. At this moment not only the techniques mentioned above are being worked on. There is a demand for defensive skills on the part of the added player and possible transitions in case of winning / losing the ball.

If the attacker of the round scores the two possible goals he totals 5 points in that round.

Many progressions, variations and adaptations are possible. Which ones would you do?

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