Salah-Firmino-Mané Drill

This drill was performed a skills and drills clinic for 4 kids of different ages and technical levels but one thing in common: they were all beginners in the sport.

None of them had any idea who Salah-Firmino-Mané were, nor the Liverpool team! This is the reality in a lot of contexts in the USA. Many children playing football/soccer, few watching and following the professional side of the sport.

The idea came to me when one of them wanted to practice as a goalkeeper and the other three wanted to practice shot on goal. So I thought about “tempering” a little more simple exercise, teaching a little more than just kicking the ball into the net.

The activity not only stimulates the development of finishing but also associates the names to the directions and thus they learned that these three players are the left, center and right forward of Liverpool, an English pro team which was the latest champion of the most important club competition in the world. And best of all: having fun!

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